Table of Contents

1. Brief description

Read reads a cc4s tensor or set of tensors.

2. Algorithm call

A typical input file snippet to call the Read algorithm is given below.

- name: Read
    fileName: "CoulombVertex.yaml"
    destination: CoulombVertex

3. Algorithm input

Keyword Value
fileName what

3.1. what

4. Algorithm output

Keyword Value
destination data

4.1. data

4.2. Sample stdout

The output of this algorithm reads

step: 2, Read
Reading from binary file CoulombVertex.elements
realtime 0.292085915 s

4.3. Sample yaml output

floatingPointOperations: 0
flops: 0
  fileName: CoulombVertex.yaml
name: Read
  destination: 0x24878e8
realtime: 0.292085915

5. Literature

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